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Clear communication begins with you.

Make every word count.

The human brain wasn't meant to read.

Reading is a learned trait that we develop and a habit we must nurture. As a result, our ability to easily absorb and understand content depends on you — the communicator.

How well you write and how clearly you communicate combine with our abilities to read. You either make this process easy for us or you make it difficult. The brain wants efficiency and predictability. We’re wired that way.


Complex wording, broken structure, and long sentences (and more!) work against our biological wiring. And once reading and comprehension aren't easy, we simply stop.

Know you have the skills and support to make your messages matter!


"Language shapes the way we think
and determines what we can think about."

– Benjamin Lee Whorf

Discuss reports

Plain Language

Plain language is the heart of clear communication. Whether you need to create a clear user agreement or write a report, clarity should drive how you communicate. Ensure your content goes from complex to clear — and put the structure in place that helps people understand and act.

Remote Office

Writing Training

Let's face it: Writing is hard.

And the process can be a daily struggle that leads people to hate writing. But, with the right tools and techniques, you can replace bad writing habits with new ones. From group workshops to 1:1 coaching, overcome writing challenges

and awaken an ability to clearly communicate.



Looking for a speaker on the powerful role of language and communication? Deliver compelling talks and webinars that engage and inform audiences. Topics focus on plain language, effective communication, the emotion of language, and more. Let Logophile add value to your next event!

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