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Deanna Lorianni

Plain Language
Writing Training
Consultant & Speaker

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"Language holds infinite power in our lives. To be responsible and caring (and engaging!) with that power is one of the most incredible strengths we can embrace."

Language is more then a means to communicate — it can define the quality of our relationships and our connections with the world.

In business, communications are often complex and imprecise. So, you have to spend extra time and money trying to grab people’s attention, again and again. Fail to do so, and your audiences won’t care what you have to say. You’ve already bored and frustrated them. And what a waste of resources (and potential liability)!

But, with the right skills and perspectives, you can make your content sing. You can communicate value with clarity and precision. And your audiences can truly understand what you have to say.

The first step is ensuring that the principles of clear communication guide you.


I have two decades of experience helping organizations and people communicate clearly and effectively. I’m a plain language expert and business writing coach/trainer who is passionate about demystifying the written word. Whether creating plain language user agreements or training a group of employees, I ground my work in empathy and precision. I’ve supported Fortune 100/500 companies, startups, nonprofits, and more. I also have a niche in financial services and regulated industries, and helping to make complex information easy to understand.

Before Logophile, I was co-founder for 15 years of Zuula, a clear communications firm. I also served as a writer at Wachovia Securities supporting financial advisors with marketing communications. While business communication is my sweet spot, I’m also an artist at heart. From my creative to my professional work, my aim is to use language to engage and empower — and connect over our shared expression. I write short fiction and poetry, and play the ukulele and sing. I’m also currently co-creating an accessible art book, “Now / Between,” that combines photography with poetry in a tactile book experience. I’m an animal and plant lover, and ready for any opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors.


  • Head Judge, Plain English Awards, New Zealand, 2018, 2019, 2021 – 2023

  • Judge, Plain English Awards, New Zealand, 2017

  • Co-Chair, ClearMark Awards, celebrating North America’s best plain language content,      2015 – 2017

  • Certificant, Adult Teaching, University of Richmond

  • Presenter, international conferences, including Norway, New Zealand, and Australia

  • Member, Center for Plain Language

  • Member, PLAIN

  • Member, Clarity International

  • Finalist, “Gus & Olivia,” Virginia Screenwriting Contest, 2013


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